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Monday, February 27, 2006

John Doerr, Ray Lane & Ram Shriram On Opportunities For Indian Entrepreneurs

John Doerr, Ray Lane & Ram Shriram were in India last month and addressed a few meets. The well publicized TiE Bangalore event titled- “"Entrepreneurship – yesterday, today and tomorrow" had KPCB’s John Doerr & Ray Lane presenting along with angel investor Ram Shriram of Sherpalo presenting to budding Indian entrepreneurs. The Presentations - the trio made therein have been made available online now.

John Doerr presentation titled – "Ideas Are Easy , Execution Is Everything" makes interesting reading. Look for the slide on Mercenaries Vs Missionaries and the points internet is underhyped, India will be the third largest consumer economy in the world and India is insurmountable opportunity.

I have been tracking Ray Lane's perspective on the enterprise software space for sometime and found Ray's presentation titled – "KPCB In The Software Industry" equally interesting. Ray lane builds on the growth opportunities in the enterprise software space –web enabled enterprise opportunities and enterprise software adoption – Read his presentation along with this groundbreaking note that I covered earlier.

Ram Shriram's presentation titled – "Consumer Internet – Web 2.0" is a very appropriate theme for india base entrepreneurs to study deeply. Ram thinks that wireless is a game changing opportunity and is gung ho about mobile data markets. See my recent note on mobile data markets and this mobiles as change agents. Alongside read this and an excellent note titled sixteen ways to think about Web 2.0. Also read my earlier note here wherein amongst other things I noted that more than 95%( again my estimates based on feel) of these setups have primarily come from within the US.Kudos to the technology leadership that the US is showing here - Forget Asia or Europe - initiative, speed and zest for trying out in the tech sector still remain a US vestige - Good for America and by extension good for the world. Its action time in India right now. Lets hope breakthrough big deals and innovative enterprises spring out of this momentum.

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