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Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Web 2.0 Phenomenon & US Tech Leadership

Ludwig Gatzke has created a huge image of Web 2.0 Logos.Count the number of logo’s therein. Any guess as to how many companies are listed therein? 193 To be precise.
. Here's the link to all the 190 odd companies listed there along with its companion slide

Two things crossed my mind:

1. How many can be expected to survive one year down the line?. I am not too enthused by the web 2.0 phenomenon - I think its time for a reality check. However, the enteprrise seen in this space and the initiative as can be seen here surprised me pleasently i should say.

2. Do note that more than 95%( again my estimates based on feel) of these setups have primarily come from within the US.Kudos to the technology leadership that the US is showing here - Forget Asia or Europe - initiative, speed and zest for trying out in the tech sector still remain a US vestige - Good for America and by extension good for the world. The speed at which the megite & tailrank have sprung up are highly laudable. I am just curious to know the aggregate investments made and the number of people associated with these firms in these startups - if someone can come up with a follow up note on this - it would be interesting to watch as well. The entrepreneurs associated with these startups can be really proud of the initiative shown herein - the world today needs more of it.

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