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Monday, February 27, 2006

Mobile Data Market – Room For Innovation

For quite some time, I always felt that innovation would be felt more rapidly and in a much more pronounced way in the mobile technology /business arena. Courtesy of Krzysztof Kowalczyk saw this interview.Michael Mace,ex -Palm, Apple etc.. has an excellent take on the future opportunities in mobile space and his observations on the valley are interesting - insightful thoughts.

- Silicon Valley has grown through a series of failed companies. They grow up big and then explode, scattering employees who create new firms all over the place. Those people then find creative ways to work together in their new roles. Years ago in semiconductors, Fairchild exploded and scattered the seeds for many of the major chip companies you see today. Netscape blew apart and put a bunch of Internet-savvy people in companies all over the Valley. Apple shed thousands of employees before and after Steve Jobs came back, and today you see Apple alumni in most of the consumer-related tech firms – Palm, Logitech, Yahoo, Google, etc.

- I think there's incredible room for innovation in the mobile data market, both smartphones and other sorts of devices. But I'm not sure who's going to deliver it. The best mobile devices combine hardware, software, and online services (RIM Blackberry being a great example). Most companies don't know how to build that sort of integrated solution. That's why you see so many devices loaded with features that please technophiles, but don't sell in volume to normal users. The situation is so bad that some of the operators and handset companies have started to write off mobile data in general.

- I wish the VCs in Silicon Valley were more interested in funding new hardware companies. Most of them like to invest only in software, so you don't get many device startups.

His blog also looks interesting – subscribed straightaway. The next big thing in the consumer electronics sector, would be centered on mobile technologies.That's the reason why many find windows mobile very hot. With developments and advances like these, we can definitely expect lot more things to happen in the mobile space in the near future.

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