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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Models for Internet & Sustainable Cinema

We recently covered, OECD releasing a new report on Digital Broadband Content -The report assesses the rapid change in the broadband scenario, associated digital content and the high potential associated with it.The report has a good perspective about the new broadband content value chain analysis and a good overview about the emerging business models for broadband digital content. We also covered Its high time Hollywood begins to look at internet technology for distribution(though there had been some failed initiatives),atleast as an additional channel for distribution - with broadband speed and penetration increasing by the day, the leading edge in thought process for adapting internet for distribution should come form the most creative between the two - undoubtedly, its Hollywood's responsibility.

Eli Chapman presents about Sustainable models for cinema downloads. Chapman says, filmmakers have been very slow to effectively use the web. The main problem is the web is not seen as an integral part of the filmmaking process. Today, a filmmaker might have a website, a Quicktime trailer of the film, some press clippings, a mailing list, and maybe even a blog. That needs to change. Films need to be produced from inception with the web- and therefore the audience- in mind. What is needed to do is to create buzz, fans, AND a movie. The current filmmaking process is like hiding in a box for months and popping out with some new thing that no one's heard of or wants. Chapman's presentation at the San Francisco IIFF meeting highlights ways to avoid that and make content *with* the web rather than *for* the web.Creative process needs to be integrated to make people watch movies. Chapman deails out the opportunity for the film industry:
The Opportunity - Emerging Technologies like:
- Blogs
- Digital photos
- Cameraphones
- Ringtones
- Wallpapers
- Downloads, bittorent
- Streaming
- Syndication

Models of Sustainable Media,Emerging Technology+ Creative Process = Money, Metrics, and Word of Mouth
Emerging Technology has the potential
– Connects Filmmakers with Audiences
– Creates New Revenue Opportunities
– Provides Metrics for Success
– Generates Word of Mouth, Buzz, and can transforms fans into participants and evangelists
. The full presentation is available here.

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