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Friday, April 15, 2005

OECD Digital Broadband Content

(Via Lawrence Lessig) OECD has released a new report on Digital Braodband Content. The report assesses the rapid change in the broadband scenario, associated digital content and the high potential associated with it. The generic themes assessed include:

- Network convergence and rapid diffusion of high-speed broadband has shifted attention towards broadband content and applications (new demand for the digital economy) that promise new business opportunities, growth and employment. The potential for digital content growth is very high and growth is only just beginning. Technologies to assure the diffusion of content and content products are increasingly R&D-intensive (faster networks, new platforms, software intensive products, virtual reality applications, data-base management, etc.).
- Demand for content from consumers and intermediaries exploiting the potential of multiple content delivery channels is extending and supplanting infrastructure push as a major driver.
- Disruptive technologies, and broadband in particular, are challenging established business models while creating important development opportunities in all three sectors. Mobile content and applications received particular attention and are potentially major drivers of mobile telecommunication service and content industry revenues in OECD countries.
- The relationships between content originators and final users are changing, intermediaries arebeing created or replaced, and attitudes to content ownership and acquisition are changing.However complete disintermediation and direct contact between content creators and content users has not so far developed to a significant extent in the three sectors.

The report has a good coverage about the new broadband content value chain analysis and a good overview about the emerging business models for broadband digital content – moreover the report is not just US centric – coverage includes good overview of Japanese Korean, Norwegian markets as well. The full report is available here

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