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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

2006 : Web Advances - Some Predictions

Robin Good has a set of predictions for web& media related areas that need to be watched in the next twelve months: I agree with five of his ten predictions as likely to happen in the next twelve months:

1.Information filtering - The ability to filter, aggregate, monitor and tracks the information items you are interested in will increasingly become one of the most valued services of all. (Findory & Topix.net could become more significant - see thishere).
2.Personal Search - Future advances of search tools positively rely on providing us with increased control on how results are calculated, served and displayed. (Look at this post.He predicts that the search majors shall make advances in these. Image and audio search engines will see major new announcements and launches in the coming 12 months.
3.Broadband - Broadband adoption will grow rapidly, along with new forms of interconnectivity based on new powerful standards like Wi-Bro and xMax. No brainer - see the note and also this one.It is not impossible to envision the potential emergence of mini self-sufficient P2P networks outside of the main Internet enabled by these new lower-cost transmission technologies and data distribution protocols.
4. P2P - Peer media - Personal Media Aggregators, branded and distributed to specific communities of interest will provide the means to share, collect, edit and republish content both within that network as well as to other related ones. These are available in some form already - agreed this would get more important in the days to come.
5.Podcasting - This will keep growing at a fast rate and it will provide lots of interesting and valuable content to all those connected. A killer tool will become available that will allow podcasts to be easily annotated, referenced and automatically transcribed into text at the click of a button. Also the number of search engines and tools enabling search within the audio portion of any podcast will see major growth. See the post podcasting frenzy.
Do read his post for full notes and to look at the remaining set of predictions.

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