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Saturday, August 06, 2005

The Coming Podcasting Wave

Big Blue is getting hip. Infoworld notes that after adopting a corporate blogging policy, IBM is latching onto another hot tech trend,podcasting. IBM recently posted the first podcast in a new series aimed at sharing its researchers' views about the evolution of technology in various fields. IBM will use the popular MP3 format that can be downloaded automatically by programs such as Apple's iTunes or the open source iPodder. Users subscribe to their preferred podcasts, then listen to the programs on portable music players such as iPods, or through audio software on their PCs. A format that initially caught on for "broadcasting" music programs has been rapidly adapted for other uses. Earlier,IBM has posted podcasts before for employees on its internal network, but this series marks its first public experiment with the format. The debut segment, titled "IBM and the Future of Driving," explores the changing ways in which cars are built, driven and maintained. IBM expects to post another 10 or so before the end of the year, planned topics include IBM's takes on the future of shopping, health care, banking and the home with look aheads about convergence of business issues and technology solutions.

Senthil points to the development of major companies joining the trend. GM, Pepsico are among other corporate podcasters. On a GM-sponsored site, listeners can hear Bob Lutz, its chief car designer, discuss new auto designs. PepsiCo uses podcasting in a marketing campaign. Apple is offering a wide selection of podcasts to consumers via its iTunes online music site. Listeners can tune in and subscribe to audio updates of news, travelogues and other radio-like programming. Yahoo is the latest to join the bandwagon – it has introduced a site that helps listeners locate and download podcast material. No doubt,Podcasting is fast becoming a mainstream activity - both in the consumer and enterprise segment.

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