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Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Globalization Of Technology Advances & Entrepreneurism

Courtesy of Jason Wood saw this insightful and interesting perspective. Matt McCall of Portage Ventures fame has an interesting post sharing with readers a sense of the mood at the DFJ global retreat. The group’ has a very different venture model from others. Its partners runsomewhat autonomous operations in cities across the world, linked together by common infrastructure, incentives and philosophy. One of the closest models would be BCG or McKinsey where each region draws from the resources of other offices, shares a common legacy but have somewhat independent regional operations. To that extent the experiences are more varied and have a more local flavour. As he reflects on his experiences at Half Moon Bay, based on discussions therein with the other DFJ funds and portfolio companies, it is clear to him the technology world has become more global than can be imagined. He writes :

Talent and ideas are moving rapidly across the globe. There are firms using Russian & Estonian programmers, selling product to Asia and competing with European competitors. New technology models in mobile are popping up in Asia & Europe years before the US and next generation silicon is emerging from China before our Valley brethren can get out of the starting blocks. It reminds me that our world is much more than simply building the best Midwest technology firms but rather about building the best global technology firms. The spoils accrue to the #1 or #2 firms and the rest get table scraps. Without this global perspective, it becomes very difficult to understand this global market.

My Take : Is it the end of the road for the west : No Way - Most leading Western companies are turning toward a new model of innovation, one that employs global networks of partners. These can include U.S. chipmakers, Taiwanese engineers, Indian software developers, and Chinese factories. IBM is even offering the smarts of its famed research labs and a new global team of 1,200 engineers to help customers develop future products using next-generation technologies. When the whole chain works in sync, there can be a dramatic leap in the speed and efficiency of product development .No doubt that the world is changing. Many developing countries are making rapid strides. The global commodization of education is definitely taking some sheen out of the US. The developing countries have their own dynamics when it comes to doing business. It is believed that most of chinese advances have some linkages with their government in some form. I think that the US definitely has the lead in tech innovation. No other country would enable immigrants to make the best out of opportunities. The US is the economic engine of the world – lets hope that it continues to innovate faster, better and emerge stronger. Collaboration in innovation is always a workable solution. Together with the Asia, the hotbed of economic activity today, let more innovation blossom and let the world prosper a lot more - innovation and prosperity are closely related.

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