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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Consulting Is All About Delivered Value

Call this as an update to the solution- to-the-solution conundrum note. Consulting, the poster boy of solution family, unarguably takes the central spot.It is here that the approaches can matter a lot and provides gretaer room for maneuvers. Answering a query about TCS, the well known services giant and leader amongst offshoring companies,not rated high in consulting, the TCS CEO says that TCS looks at consulting differently. To a query about TCS plans for consulting practice and asking him to respond to Forrester naming other big players in India as "leaders" while mentioning TCS as only a "strong performer", Ramadorai,TCS CEO says, " We are strong in assurance services, quality consulting, and in many other areas. We see where and when operational efficiencies come in. To us, consulting has to be very specific in certain areas of business and MUST translate into implementation. We do it slightly differently".

Then there is this view from G.B.Prabhat from Satyam – now when we are moving from an era of limited innovation to an era of potentially unlimited innovation, the perspective changes – the potential for services increases dramatically. consulting is all about creating both output and input value. Output value is measured by how much more business value you get for intended expenditure.Input value comes from how you do the same with IT for less. Former is how to get more biz value for intended expenditure. As he sees it,there are two factors "moving the industry's tectonic plates: that offshore matters and that delivery of business value to the customer, and not mere advice, is critical. Owing to the increasing interconnect between consulting and packaged implementation, he says that there is always a gap between vision and reality. IT has to be plugged in there. If you make promises on five counts, you typically deliver three, as a product vendor. You have to hire someone to do the other two. The taller the promise, the wider the gap, so, greater the scope for expansion of services. One view presented herein is that of my boss - so no comments!.

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