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Friday, January 13, 2006

Solution To The Solution Conundrum

Chris Nel opens up a discussion on what qualifies to be a solution. Speaking briefly,in my view, solution brings context into the equation and provides for fusion with related elements and build inside the ability to extend and scaleup/down, integrate with other blocks and in the process facilitates the customer to meet his current requirements to actualize future aspirations. Solutions would in general involve methodologies & tools that encompass better parts of learning gained elsewhere. Invariably solutions look at cost/benefit tradeoffs, local/global optima balancing and in general would strive for better TCO - by maximizing benefits in the resource/time/cost/benefit dimensions.Innovation plays a major role in any solution. On a somewhat slightly related note –look at this interesting statement from Nandan Nilekani in last week’s Q3 investor meet - he thinks that the real way to look at consulting is to look at consulting and package implementations together. In his own words,"frankly when the legacy companies talk about consulting, they actually talk about package implementation as much as consulting so if you really look at these two together its close to 20%. And to that extent, I think and one of the big endurance in the last year has been to make a consulting and our package implementation services work seamlessly together to create an end to and value relation capability. That is working very well in the field and this combination enabling us to bid for global conformation projects with the large client. So, I think I would see package implementing and consulting together, that is the strength of the service offering for us(Infosys)". By the way, indiastockblog.com is an impressive site – part of David Jackson’s seekingalpha networkI am sure that this would be a very valuable repository – one that would be repeatedly referred.

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