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Monday, December 12, 2005

Galloping Progress : The Best Of Web 2.0 World

We had been regularly covering developments around Web 2.0, one of the hottest topics today. We covered several emerging developments around Web 2.0 here, here, here, here. The new services represent a shift to what is being described as "Web 2.0," a generation of Internet software technologies that will seamlessly plug together in new and unexpected ways, much like Lego blocks.

Dion Hinchcliff
brings together a list of The Best Web 2.0 Software of 2005 . It’s so amazing to see the number of new and innovative apps that are springing up, based on old and new technology alike. No one person could accurately list the best Web 2.0 software of 2005. As he sees so much has happened in this space recently and a tidal wave of innovative, high-quality software has been released this year. So much in fact, that it's hard to keep track of it all.Concrete examples of web 2.0 abound - this list as he sees it is to give credit where credit is due to all the hard-working folks building the next generation of the Web. Some of the key sites identified as winners ( the posting has a lot more sites listed) – the creative energy and innovative streak is indeed amazing and gives a lot of hope for a better future. Some of the notable sites include:
- Del.icio.us.com
- Netvibes.com
- Voo2do.com
- Digg.com
- Flickr.com
- Openomy.com
- Memeorandum.com
- Writley
- Calendurhub
- Basecamp
There are lot of such sites - also to note that the leaders are also potential takeover candidates - clearly demonstrating the potential value of these applications.

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