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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mobile and Social Innovations

I woke up this morning to see significant developments.

MOSOLOCO – Mobile, Social, Local, Commerce, a term getting popularized by Jason Maynard is really brimming with lot of activities now. We are now seeing that four proximate but distinctive trends are converging to change the way consumers interact, explore, transact and putting pressure on businesses to keep pace and in some cases create entirely new business opportunities.

Amazon is now fully charged to muscle into the Android Ecosystem. Am not just talking about the Amazon Appstore. With the launch of the new Cloud Drive and Cloud Player joining the Amazon Appstore , the strategy is clearly to parade as a full scale service shopping destination for Android device users. With the new Cloud Drive, Amazon in essence has got an update to the Amazon MP3 app for Android, bringing cloud storage into the music buying scheme, and further adds the Cloud Player to Amazon MP3 for streaming the user’s music to any Android device or web computer. This multi device rendering is a key tenet of success for the Kindle platform and Amazon is clearly focused on building on this strength. I know that one other formidable cloud giant has all got everything ready to roll out – may be they were waiting to launch it in the developer’s conference in May. Now Look at what all Amazon can do with their superior personalization and ecommerce capabilities – the value of the platform is beginning to unfold here. Amazon is essentially taking a step forward in the consumerization of Amazon web services.

Tracking another development, CapLinked, a social platform for private investing, announces exponential growth of its platform with over $1 billion now available in potential investment activity. The company claims to have seen an exponential increase in user base sincee Jan 1 2011, with a total of 5500 dealmakers, investors and entrepreneurs now on the platform. This news comes on the heels of CapLinked’s angel funding totaling $900k, led by PayPal alums Peter Thiel, Dave McClure, Joe Lonsdale and Aman Verjee as well as David Anderson of 7th Rig.This rapid growth shows confirms the power of platform and communities - essentially in this case investors and businesses need a common platform to connect – and it is happening now on CapLinked, the LinkedIn-meets-Salesforce for private investing,” says Eric Jackson, CEO of CapLinked and former PayPal Vice President. He adds that In addition, the new CRM tools will help identify potential deals, share information and get the right deals done faster.

Caplinked sees the trillion dollar a year private investing still using old, inefficient technology and points out to the fact most of these enterprises have been stuck in the email-and-spreadsheet mindset for too long. This gives them an opportunity to focus on bringing innovation in the form of social, cloud based, secure software to the world of private investment. The objective is to get investors, advisors, and companies the tools they need to better manage making connections and handling deal flow, due diligence, closings, and company reporting.
Both the entrepreneur and investor are brought together in the same platform. For entrepreneurs raising capital, the tool makes it easier to be transparent and share information. That makes it easier to get money in the door, and keep investors happy for follow on investments. For investors, this helps track their investments in one place, and have an idea of what is going on with their companies. Added to that, this is not a pay-to-play service, the claim here is that by letting entrepreneurs access the social graph, the value increases and so to get more strong social signals, the service strives to keep this platform free for entrepreneurs to raise capital.

We will actually see more and more innovation and success stories in the MOSOLOCO world.

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