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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Valley Axioms(2007)

I was speaking to someone today and he called the silicon valley, the mecca of technology and as a valley veteran he holds the belief that its dominance in the tech arena shall continue to be so for some more time to come and he does not see any other location/ecosystem in the world gaining critical mass on its own to challenge the might of the silicon valley. One will have to agree on the fact that the Valley continues ot be the happening tech place in the world today.

Michael Vizard comes with a list of valley beliefs, those one won't find takers outside the valley. A funny list but definitely thought provoking. Some notable ones :

- SAAS Dominates All
Every Sunday they go to church to listen to the latest software-as-a-service sermon from Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce.com
- Google Is Always Good
Google has no interest in dominating markets the way every other company with more than 80 percent market share has done before, because in California absolute power doesn’t corrupt absolutely.
- Microsoft Is Irrelevant
Microsoft is so large, bloated and morally bankrupt that it can no longer compete effectively.
- IBM Is Shill for Consulting
Despite the fact that IBM sells billions of dollars in software and hardware, its only real ambition is to fuel overpriced consulting hours for the people who work for IBM Global Consulting
- Web 2.0 Rules All
This is a return to the one true Internet religion focused on giving total freedom to users who want to own their own data. The original religion was corrupted by East Coast bankers that compromised the Wall Street financial analyst community.

One can have alternate views on all these - but cant deny that there is some truth that the valley folks really hold ideas like close to their heart, well captured here in a funny way. I named these as axioms(2007), as the list may be different in 2008. Read the full list here.

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