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Monday, April 30, 2007

Egnyte : An Interesting Web 2.0 Application

I was reviewing the sandhill showcase innovators list when Vineet Jain, the co-founder of Egnyte pointed me to his company’s web 2.0 product. An interesting product addressing an important need. Lets look at this - today's information worker uses a variety of devices and applications to create information and works with distributed teams. As a result , it is getting harder to find , organize and share relevant information easily. A lot of time is spent finding and piecing together information on a topic. Despite advances in collaboration technology, there is a void for a powerful, yet, easy to use solution that lets individuals and teams archive, organize, find and share information. The current choices are, either expensive and complex Enterprise tools, or inexpensive but lightweight Web tools.
Egnyte is a Web 2.0 content sharing solution that combines sharing, automatic organization and a powerful search capability. Using continuous synchronization, Egnyte seamlessly integrates the desktop with the web.Egnyte delivers a web based application that uniquely combines sharing, automatic organization and a powerful search capability. Egnyte has drawn on web 2.0 concepts like tagging and search and blended them with traditional concepts like file versions and folders to deliver a powerful, yet easy to use application. Once posted, facilities are enabled to search data using the search field, create tags below to classify data, create a shared view to start sharing data with contacts. It is in the same space as the likes of Microsoft Groove or Tubes: applications that helps users categorize information in the desktop, back it up into the internet cloud when it changes, and upon need make it accessible across multiple computers.
Egnyte focuses on more than just files, letting users store and organize files, emails, IM and share this with others. By eliminating the manual posting (a major issue with large files), manual versioning and emailing that occurs when working in a team, Egnyte seamlessly 'synchronizes' the desktop to the web, automatically creates versions when changes are made , and notifies the team with the latest updates. The search and "browse" capabilities help quickly find any information using keywords or a range of other techniques. Egnyte is focused on consolidating information across multiple computers of an individual and the team that the individual works with. Egnyte offers search capability across all this informationEgnyte is targeted for small to mid-size teams and offers free 1 GB account. Egnyte claims that it has paying business customers and also have usage among certain classes of consumers. You can signup here.

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