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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Project Yucca : KPMG Caught in Spies & Lies Web!!

I just can’t believe this. Can highly paid experts and well established reputed firms be so easily fooled and their internal control mechnisma fail to detect such gross deficiencies in maintaining client secrecies and their own top secret findings! I am sure that Businessweek is reporting the truth – with explicit details of all key happening including naming the actors and their present whereabouts. The article reports that evidences revealed in court documents and interviews show how far some in the corporate investigation business will go. I liked the way the plot has been captured and reported in the article. Its irony that KPMG which advises businesses -large & small around the world on so many matters including forensic services became a victim of corporate spying!! I am sure it will strengthen its internal processes lot more having learnt from this trap.

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