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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Resources For Trendwatching

Came across this piece by Leon Ho . He has come with a note equivalent to the beginner’s guide on how to track trends. He centers his advise on a set of online tools and online resources.
- Watch Alexa Stat,
- Track Technorati,
- Look at Google PageRank,
- Read Slashdot/Digg,
- Use news aggregators
- Use Feed readers

Just wanted to emphaise that these are just tools(and as such available to all). Real trend watching needs oodles of insight, experience and the power of deductive reasoning and ability to think inductively. No doubt the tools mentioned here are very powerful resources – they are excellent in their ability to scan wide. They have facilitated the raise of an industry - blogosphere. Mere pointers won’t provide the depth that is needed – that’s the forte of gifted and experienced people.

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