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Monday, January 15, 2007

The 2007 Top Ten Intranet(s)

I follow Jakob Nielsen quite regularly. I find him as the most consistent web usability guru , a rare thing given the fast changing nature of the web. He writes about the award winning 2007 top ten intranets and shares some trends noted around the world.
1. Intranets are definitely getting bigger. Across the first three Design Annuals (2001-2003), the average intranet contained 200,000 pages; across the three most recent Annuals (2005-2007), the average intranet contained 6 million pages.
2. Intranet budgets are also getting bigger, though we had one winner this year with an annual budget of only $8,000, so it's still possible to design a great intranet on a shoestring. Mainly, though, the winning intranets have gained substantial management support and have reasonably big budgets.
3. Averaged across the winners, there was one intranet team member for every thousand employees. This ratio means that intranet team efforts are magnified a thousand times. For example, Microsoft's intranet homepage is viewed 5 million times each month Such a high degree of leverage is why intranet design can have such a tremendously high return on investment (ROI) when done well.
4. Contrary to last year, when most of the winners hailed from outside the US, this year 6 of 10 winners are American. Of the four winners from other countries, three come from countries that have generated many past winners: Germany, Sweden, and the UK.

Key Trends:

A. India finds a representation in the list this year. Jakob explains that although the World Bank Group used an Indian design agency when it won in 2002, the bank itself is a multinational organization headquartered in the US, so we counted its intranet as US-based. Thus, Infosys is the first winner truly based in India. Having India join the ranks of winning countries is a clear symbol of its growing might as a software superpower.
B. Rise of Usability in Manufacturing
C. Multimedia, News, and Ratings
D. Multinational Intranets
E. Standard UI, No Standard CMS
F. Pragmatic view about Web 2.O
Read the article and the report. Fully recommended.

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