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Saturday, September 16, 2006

PC World's The 25 Worst Web Sites

PC Worlds Worst 25 Sites makes interesting reading.

"As venture capitalists scramble to throw money at anything labeled Ajax or Web 2.0, and Web publishing becomes so simple that anyone with a working mouse hand can put up a site, we offer our list of the 25 worst Web sites of all time. Many of our bottom 25 date from the dot-com boom, when no bad idea went unfunded. Some sites were outright scams — at least two of our featured Net entrepreneurs spent some time in the pokey. Others are just examples of bad design, or sites that got a little too careless with users' information, or tried to demand far too much personal data for too little benefit. And to prove we're not afraid to pick on somebody much bigger than us, our pick for the worst Web site may be the hottest cyberspot on the planet right now."

Jakob Nielson once wrote that the average difference in measured usability was 68% when comparing two competing companies. Also to note is the fact that studies show that 36% of Internet users are now in Asia and 24% are in Europe. Only 23% of users are in North America. This also adds to complexity in providing a consistent user experience. As I see it large enterprises, are currently suffering owing to doing a less than good job of providing a useful and usable Web experience to their customers and are on a race to make the web deliver for them better.Customer experiences range from supporting multichannel campaign management, customer self-service,call center knowledge management, direct marketing and as we move forward,Integration of Internet technologies into everyday life that does not involve a desktop or even a mobile/cell/PDA are all real possibilities. The growth in the website technology market suggest that the replacement market for websites are heating up s enterprises look for innovation . Many large vendors may be looking at acquiring the web spaceowing to its high growth potentail.I hold the view that it is far more prudent to look at web medium as more of a strategy & not as a technology.

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