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Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Pew Internet On Bloggers

In my flight out of San Francisco, read the Pew Internet titled Bloggers: A Portrait of the internet’s New Storytellers. ( Am posting this from Incheon Airport,Seoul during the less than two hour stopover enroute to Singapore). The report looks good and most part of the report findings I concur with.
It is important that the blogosphere and the society at large understand the blog movement – examine it form multiple perspectives, collect various perspectives , look at ways and means of building this movement –examine the value of the social network community that gets formed. At least it can keep at bay irrational attacks like the one that Forbes recently made on blogs.

Some of the key findings of the report is summarized as:

- Blogging is bringing new voices to the online world.
- Just 11% of bloggers say they focus mainly on government or politics.
- The blogging population is young, evenly split between women and men, and racially diverse.
- Relatively small groups of bloggers view blogging as a public endeavor.
- The main reasons for keeping a blog are creative expression and sharing personal experiences.
- Only one-third of bloggers see blogging as a form of journalism. Yet many check facts and cite original sources.
- Bloggers are avid consumers and creators of online content. They are also heavy users of the internet in general.
- Bloggers often utilize community and readership-enhancing features available on their blogs.

In my quick scan of the report,I could not find how top executives, CEO’s and industry analysts don the role of bloggers – a point that I had brought out earlier or on the massive impact bloggers are making in some arena.
(Image courtesy :Pew Internet report)
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