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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Seth Godin On Attracting Traffic To Blogs

Seth Godin has an interesting post on how to attract more traffic to blogs. Of the fifty odd ideas that he has outlined, I relate to these ten as quite powerful (I try these ideas routinely_:
- Be topical... write posts that need to be read right now.
- Learn enough to become the expert in your field.
- Be timeless... write posts that will be readable in a year.
- Be among the first with a great blog on your topic, then encourage others to
blog on the same topic.
- Share your expertise generously so people recognize it and depend on you.
- Write long, definitive posts
- Assume that every day is the beginning, because you always have new readers.
- Write about blogging.
- Digest the good ideas of other people, all day, every day.
- Write stuff that people want to read and share

I started blogging inspired by Rajesh and am amazed at the discipline and rigor that he shows in posting regularly(without interruption)even now. Once he wrote,

Blogs give each of us a voice. They are home pages come alive, and with personality. That is why I believe that blogs are not a fad, they are set to become a permanent, rich part of the web landscape.

He once suggested to me keep precompiled posts ready for publishing so that during travel - one canjust fire them for publishing - to this date I have not been able to follow this - for the lack of that discipline, I told myself, I am more of a spontaneous blogger type! Over a period of time, my style of writing has evolved and changed and I write in different styles for different media. The blogosphere got lucky when people like Vinnie began to blog regularly. With hundreds and hundreds of my friends(this is true)trying out blogging in the last few months, the art, science & discipline of blogging need to be better understood and practiced.

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