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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Service Players - Good Times Ahead

Global tech services revenue went up 6% in 2005(based on Gartner findings) - IBM dominates the space but lags growth. Gartner says that its service revenue analyses comes from a multidimensional perspective covering amongst other dimensions, these dimensions - Platform, Service Line, Geography, Vertical, Method Of Purchase, Solution. The survey finds that Healthcare vertical has grown the fastest and BFS retains its prima donna status amongst verticals & BFSI has grown faster than the market average.Am just wondering then which vertical must have brought the vaerage down - given BFSI size & its above averag growth, many verticals could have grown slower than average - I shall comment later after seeing the full report said to be scheduled for release in August. Senthil alerted me to Forbes reporting BoFA's Abhishek Gami exuding optimism about the growth of the service sector. BoFA obliged me with a copy of the report - I read the report and find that an interesting pattern has emerged - U.S. IT services labor growth in IT employment has outpaced U.S. non-farm employment for 23 consecutive months and recently accelerated. Preliminary data for May indicates a continuation of this trend. IT services employment now stands at approximately 2.65 million, which is only 2.6% below the prior (nonseasonally adjusted) peak in March 2001. The report notes that contrary to what some people still believe, there are not enough highly skilled IT workers to go around. Unless global economy trips
thanks to all central bank interventions - its clearly good time ahead for stronger service players, and the tech economy in general looks set for growth.
Last week Forrester has released a report on the offshore service players - I have read the report the day it got published. I have mixed feelings on the findings. Hyperbusy schedule is coming in the way for me to write on that - my limited blogging this week all are happening late midnight. Looks like that the earliest I can try is next week - given my current travel schedule - bit I will certainly blog on what I think are the right findings and not so right conclusions.

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