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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Mini Microsoft : Good Bye Or Substantial Hibernation

Mini Microsoft hints that like all good things, this may come closer to an end – atleast as this version. No doubt, this will be sorely missed in the blogosphere and beyond.

“Back in 2004, I took a lot of time to plan and think before I started putting up the first few posts. And now I assess myself to be at a crossroads. Time for Mini-Microsoft 2.0? Or to do something else, and let the bits here cool off and fade from attention? The 2.0 road isn't going to happen overnight - more like six months if it's going to hit the ground running like the first time I started this up. Another consideration, as I stand at these crossroads and hope that Mr. Willie Brown's deal maker doesn't show up, is that great changes are indeed afoot at Microsoft. And these changes are going to take time to grow and I'm not going to poke them with a sharp stick until they've had their chance to prove themselves”.

Come to think of it, it's very likely the case that mega corporations shall have so much of cross currents and the resultant inertia/inaction could be appalling just as highlighted here in the case of Microsoft. Microsoft also did well to respond to a lot of what got written here and that shows the power of blogosphere (while some may diagree with the model chosen(of being anonymous) – in plain terms I do not see any other alternative than this (while personally I may not do anything like this) , given the nature of content and discussions covered in the blog. Considering that the next posting happened quickly, hope mini-microsoft's existing version continues to have an active life till the planned next release becomes a reality.

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