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Thursday, June 01, 2006

IT, Business & Governance

IT Governance, delivery and ROI assessments are always filled with lot of uncertainities. Phil Factor writes about the need for IT managers to posess deep technical understanding and knowledge. I particularly like this -"

Developers, programmers and designers tend to be deeply geeky types, immersed in the minutiae of the technology. In stark contrast, many IT managers appear to have difficulty working the remote controls on their television. This cultural gap between the foot soldier and officer classes of the IT industry can have interesting consequences."

He claims that the only way to get through the sandstorm of waffle that blows over the desert of the IT industry is to talk technical to technically competent people to avoid nasty surprises in the course of the project. While once can also substitute technology related nomenclatures with business related nomenclatures in his writing, the truth is that the end result would be similar. This brings us back to the issue of build, buy or rent. Despite increasing maturity of the methodolgies governing application development and the promised benefits of SOA, the current state of the art of the practice of aplication development is proving to be far removed from being called satisfactory - which is where the packaged solutions fits in - where the uncertainities are relatively less upon deployment & in the worst case enterprises can reconcile to reality given the fact afterall every implementation is supposedly embedding within itself the best-in-class process and system available in the world. So much about IT getting more and more mature!!

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