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Sunday, June 04, 2006

The Interesting PC world 100 List

Came across this PCWorld list of 100 best products. Very interesting list indeed and the list is generally a well respected one for the selections coming as they are from PCWorld.

Some interesting things noted at first pass:

1. Blogger & Wordpress are listed therein – Microsoft & Yahoo blog offerings do not find a place!!
2. Vonage, facing a potential class suit post the IPO imbroglio actually has a world beating product!!
3.Apple, Creative, iRiver – all music/video players find a place in the list (interesting to watch their marketshare data)
4. Google desktop search is there in the list – notable absentees include Copernic & Yahoo’s X1.
5. Newsgator finds a place in the list; Bloglines does not make it to the list.
6. Both AMD Athlon Dual Core & Intel Core Duo find a place in the list
7. Interestingly I did not find many open source names in the list – after all opensource is said to be the rising things atleast in the desktop world – leave aside its opaqueness in the enterprise world !!(Just wondering they if they were excluded by definition for consideration to be included in the list - saw Greasemonkey though listed therein)
8. Count the number of Google, Yahoo & Microsoft products in the list (its an interesting pattern to study)
9. Sony finds a mention only once – no wonder people are wondering where’s sony heading. Only consolation for sony - Samsung is not far off!!
10. EMC’s backup software is there – Veritas fails to make it to the cut.
11. T-Mobile makes it to the lsit, RIM's Blackberry is not there
12. Also look at the number of US corporations in the list and compare that with the number of asian headquartered firms , leave aside european firms - who can say US in not the most happening & important place fo business in the tech sector. (Do note - no mention of chinese or indian product here!!)

(All my observations are based on a 3 or 4 minute pass - give benefit of doubt for any oversights - am happy to add anything considerably significant to infer from the list).

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