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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Amazon Platform Rocks

Unlike its online fraternity friends, Amazon clealry walks the talk. Amazon's CTO Werner Vogels recently again highlighted the importance of Amazon Web Services. He pointed out that Amazon.com technology and data is made available through the AWS (Amazon Web Services) e-commerce services.This, he added is a free Web-services interface for developers, which they can use to build (and charge for) their own applications on top of Amazon and there are about 150,000 of these developers and Amazon considers them important customers. Well AWS now announces the availability of Rightcart with which any blog or website could be turned into a store. Amazon E-Commerce Service (ECS) exposes Amazon's product data and e-commerce functionality. This allows developers, web site owners and merchants to leverage the data and functionality that Amazon uses to power its own e-commerce business.RightCart embeds an powered storefront directly into any blog or web page. The site provides cut and paste HTML snippets for a shopping cart and for individual products, making it very easy for you to sell products based on, for example, blog entries. There's also a full sales tracking system. Behind the scenes, RightCart stores product images and other media content using Amazon's recently launched S3 service.
Look at this : With this Remote Shopping Cart functionality, developers can add items to an Amazon.com shopping cart and submit it to Amazon.com for check-out processing. Clearly while giving away the store, & by sharing not just its data but also its retailing tools and a modest slice of the profits, Amazon has turned a programming subculture typically ruled by anticorporate suspicion and paranoia into a wellspring of evangelism, not to mention a funnel for revenue. Surely, that’s one for the books. Amazon.com is clearly an early pioneer of Web 2.0& in a limited way SaaS(with S3 services). I do know that Jeff is not too keen to brand AWS initiatives as Web 2.0. Clealry there is a huge difference between doers and talkers.(Absolutely amazing - The Amazon Way!! Its not just the technology or the investments that matter - the business model pursued by an enterprise is the crucial determinant of success for the enterprise - That seems to be very true in the case of Amazon as well.

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