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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Google Calendar : End Goal Is Office Killer ?

Courtesy of TechCrunch saw a review of the Google calendar and Mike Arrington called it "fast, slick and stable". As I see it, Google Calendar has a nice and simple UI, does what you need it to do in terms of easily jotting down events, busy time, etc., and, most importantly, allows one user to share their calendar with other s in the world – with API’s open to the rest of the Internet. This ought to extend to support multiple timelines .Now for the customary part –will google launch an microsoft office killer application. Post writley acquisition this gotten more intense.
Richard McManus writes,"With email and calendar now firmly in place and integrated, word processing (a key office application) on the books, ominous signs of an all-purpose database in the form of Google Base, other pieces waiting to fit into place (Page Creator, Reader) and Google Desktop to underpin it all with search - Google is well on the way to building a Microsoft Office killer! As I see it, this could be the long term vision for Google. I could not find anything close to an intent of acquiring footprint in the desktop office market space. All it said as one of the five strategic priority is for building new products & services for publishers of information. However, something tells me from me within that Google may eventually bite the bullet and… the rest could become history.


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