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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Colorful Cultures, Languages & Singlish

I just received an invitation to meet a prime ministerial government delegation of a particular country – I have been asked if I can speak Spanish!. Working in the APAC- IMEA region is extremely exciting for the variety – almost some dozen plus different types of major languages (that’s on the lower side),I regularly carry some forty different country currencies in my pouch – those that I regularly use and every country/corporate are in different stages of maturity in terms of technology, in terms of understanding and myriad variety of local operational dynamics. Whether trying to understand Syanora in Japan to reverential submissions as the norm in Korea, to mainland china’s mystical ways. Hongkong and Taiwan’ very dynamic ways of doing business, matching Aussies loquacious manners, working and communicating with the Tan’s, Dato’s & Puan’s in Malaysia, to Khuns and Sawadeekaps in Thailand and innumerable customs in the middle east region and Africa, the opportunity to learn cross cultural issues and adopt them on the fly ( Luckily for me in most of these countries we have local offices and experts well versed in local customs helping as needed) is really exceptional. Needless to say the decision making speed/process in every country is markedly different.No regrets and am thoroughly enjoying, Of all the countries/cities, Singapore is unarguably amongst the most cosmopolitan city in Asia and the english spoken in Singapore is something to know about and practice . Vani, who writes brilliantly as Chennai Gal , has come up with a singlish dictionary , a very brusqe version of English that is spoken in Singapore.Over the last three years,I have definitely understood the style of working with intrepretors!!.

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