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Friday, April 07, 2006

Apple & Kissing Goodbye To Proprietary Lockins

Someone asked me to comment about Apple’s support for windows, announced this week. As I see it, the announcement from Apple is very significant.

Run XP natively
Once you’ve completed Boot Camp, simply hold down the option key at startup to choose between Mac OS X and Windows. (That’s the "alt”"key for you longtime Windows users.) After starting up, your Mac runs Windows completely natively. Simply restart to come back to Mac.

With already other non traditional platforms like sun already announcing support for Windows, the world is suddenly changing. It is a significant one to ponder – a fiercely proprietary/ not so open product in one space is trying to beat it away in a related space. While it may be a little early to call that buyers/users can now unlock themselves from prohibitive proprietary platform - bundled lock-ins/package deals. The direction is clear : signs of decay and eventual of stranglehold of proprietary technologies in the desktop world.

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