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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Jupiter Research Gets Acquired By Kagan Research

Courtesy of Tekrati saw the announcement of Jupiter Research & Kagan Research coming together to create JupiterKagan, as a major provider of research, consulting and thought leadership in the areas of media, telecommunications, the Internet and emerging consumer technologies. The new firm is expected to have the scale, depth and breadth necessary to help clients at a time of rapid evolution of the media and telecommunications industries, as the influence of the Internet on business continues to accelerate. Jupitermedia, the parent of Jupiter research has sold Jupiter research to Kagan Research. Where’s the fitment here -David Schatsky says that Kagan is a storied research brand, known for its rigorous, data-backed analysis of the media and telecommunications industries and its team of heavy-hitter analysts. And JupiterResearch, is the research company focused on the Internet and emerging consumer technologies. The rationale for the merger: combine the complementary assets (Jupiter’s syndicated research & Kagan consultative and appraisal strengths) and build a bigger, more influential research and consulting powerhouse that can advise clients at every phase of the media and technology lifecycle, from appraising a deal to programming content in a multi-platform digital world. The analyst ecosystem is undergoing a major churn( the changes happening here appears to be far more swifter than the main technology ecosystem) – its clearly becoming a bipolar sort of world –one which can accommodate big players like Gartner & Forrester on one side and the other side we shall see the emergence of specialist players and an interesting set of bloggers, all set to become a formidable force. While summarising Software 2005 deliberations, held almost an year back, I echoed one of the oft repeated view there - Internet’s disruptive power is bringing to the fore, questions of real value add by analysts given the fact more and more information is beginning to be freely available. A new type of analyst firm based on a different business model needed to emerge.Clearly somewhere customer expectations and awareness are triggering a series of changes in the analyst research ecosystem.

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