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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Ajax Write : Sensationalism Alone Won't Suffice

Michael Robertson launches Ajaxwrite via his note titled –“Bye Bye Microsoft Word, Hello ajaxWrite”.

A quick review of the aplication shows may striking disadvantages : First of all feature richness appears to be low and as Tdavid points out this can not be used mostly while inside an aircraft (not yet widely available). Michael writes,"My plan is to replace bloated, expensive PC software with a system that dynamically loads software to your computer when you need it and at no cost. Want to write a document? One click and you'll have a word processor at your fingertips. Need to create a financial model? Click, and a spreadsheet program is at your service. The software will always be up to date and run on any Mac/Win/Lin computer". Laudable goal indeed. But looking at the average bandwidth used by internet users around the world, connectivity issues may crop up. My experience in trying to connect was successful after prolonged trial and the minimal features therein disappointed me. When the world becomes full of services, things may change – that’s far away as Jeff points out. Ajaxwrite may be used selectively and sparingly by a set of users but unlikely to become a mass force capable of dislodging or fighting Microsoft Word. No doubt that Office/Word needs to be less bloated, more open & economical is undisputed – we need a credible alternative for that. No doubt the world is waiting for that,openoffice seems to have that potential – but clearly it has not mounted that credible a challenge so far. My feel is any such competing product needs the wholehearetd backing of a very big player - this is a high stakes game. This needs size, reach and substantial resources to win the mass market & therefore, it really requires a very big player to mount such a challenge - whether in the on premise world or in the on demand world.

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