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Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Dynamic Blogosphere & The Rise Of Asian Blogs

Triston comes out with an excellent assessment of the changing nature of the blogsphere. He finds that in the Technorati 100 list, significant churn happening:

- 65 of the top 100 blogs in May 2005 do not find place in the top 100 in February 2006.
- 90 of the top 100 blogs in May 2005 lost rankings by February 2006 (obviously this includes the previous 65 ).
- 65 new blogs are on the list and there are significant number of asian blogs.
- 25 more blogs are in danger of losing their ranks in the near future
Tristan finds a new trend : the rise of new force in the blogosphere : Asian blogs :

As he sees it, quick analysis seems to point to Asian blogs becoming a major force, one that I personally have not heard much about in discussion of the evolution of the blogosphere. ... In a world where globalization is key, the blogosphere has not yet fully grappled with the impact of the Asian Pacific region and there probably will be some interesting discussion around this in the future.
His analysis does not stop here: He does a projection into future and finds that a total of 90 blogs (25 dropping within the list and another 65 dropping off the list completely) ended up with a lower position in 9 months. Combined with the fact that 9 blogs moved up, this means that 99 percent of the list was dynamic.A refreshing analysis considering that the best we have seen used to be the David Sifry assessment on the state of the blogsosphere. As a regular in the blogosphere, I am fully aware about how difficult it it to attract and retain readership and how much more difficult it is to keep increasing traffic. The churn rates in the blogosphere may count to be the highest. Tristan is certainly right and has brought home key facts about the dynamic, dynamic blogosphere.

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