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Friday, February 17, 2006

The AlwaysOn Powerlist 2006

I just came across the Always On Powerlist 2006. The first annual AO Power List identifies the CEOs, technologists, dealmakers, and pundits with the power to make or break new technologies, new companies, and new industry sectors - sort of movers & shakers of the tech industry. Immediate thoughts that came across my mind.

-The Fearless Leaders List has Rupert Murdoch & Barry Diller but am surprised that there is no place for Larry Ellison. Instead Larry comes in the watch list along with Sun’s Scott McNealy.

- Fast 2- CEO’s list has Shai Agassi but there is no place for Chuck Phillips

I am not a great fan of Oracle or Larry, but if anything - the just bygone year was electrified by Oracle’s very bold moves – he needs to top the list of fearless leaders without any doubt, the implications of those are being felt by most in the enterprise software space. Chuck is the one defending most of Oracle’s decisions and as such the tri-president(or one of the duo-president of Oracle) definitely needs to be in the list. I also thought that the technologists behind Flickr need to be definitely included in the infuential technologists . Hopefully the next list of influential pundits would have a mainstream blogger in that(though many in the list also blog besides leveraging other media/professional channels). Point to note : There is no no place for Gartner, Forrester or TPI, Everest or financial/industry analysts in this list!!

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