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Friday, January 20, 2006

Sun, Grids, Google & Hopeful Future

Tom Foremski asks sun's software chief, if someone were to try to build another Google, with its focus on inexpensive grids of PCs, could it be done more efficiently today using Sun's systems? Sun has always taked about getting ready to consider building grids that are customized for different industries–in addition to being a vendor to other grid builders. Because it knows how to run and tweak the IT systems it builds better than anybody else. Sun says that its systems are running over at Google now and Google is thinking about whether it wants to be running its own data centers and developing its own software. Another thing to note here :Google created its own operating system to run its grids. And now there are some within Google that question whether they should continue doing that, especially since there is so much open source software, and middleware available and increasingly, specialist grid builders.Do not miss reading this : "History shows us that if you make more computing power available people will use it. And they will build applications that will fuel the need for more computing" - Sun still beleives in this!! I think that sun requires ton of focus to speak about survival now. They better do it - even if it is on grid technologies.

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