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Tuesday, January 31, 2006


I am a resident of Singapore for a little less than three years now and I had been to this region several times prior to that. Singapore easily counts to be amongst the best cities to live and its infrastructure is amazing and the efficiency levels seen in the city-state in almost all day-to-day activities are unmatchable anywhere else in the world .Singapore airlines & Changi airport are modern day icons.I keep telling friends and colleagues that Singapore by giving the best of comfort spoils people in the sense – you leave the city – you feel as if you have entered into a world so inefficient in all possible ways. No doubt Singapore has invested in growth long before others in the region and to that extent the business environment today is quite changed –with size as a barrier probably one ends up mostly addressing incremental opportunities. Obviously a very tough but a dynamic environment lay here – intermixed with its squeaky clean image singpore looks amazing any whichever way one looks at it. Singapore is just not known for what it has achieved but for its ability to continually keep moving –mostly pushed by the government, amongst the smartest one of its kind in the world. We just came back from sentosa – a place that am visiting aftet two years – my wife told me that everything therein looks changed.
Paul Greenberg appears completely bowled over by Singapore’s focus on service excellence. He finds that its not often you find an entire nation committed to the improvement of service that is clearly focused around the experience economy. It is an opportunity to see how entire nations can devote public services with a commitment from all its citizens to achieving what we've all been trying to do. Let's watch this one closely. We got a real chance here to help make something of something that is already being made. I earlier wrote about singaporetopping the global IT readiness index – Singapore amongst other things is seen as the best performer worldwide in a number of categories - quality of maths and science education, affordability of telephone connection charges, and government prioritization and procurement of ICT - and gets extremely high scores in other areas, such as affordability of Internet access. Singapore infocomm development authorities ten year IT plan is unarguably amongst the best of its kind. Singapore’s competitiveness and dynamism is undergoing a huge change – Lot of initiatives are being tried. The remaking Singapore report is a shining example of citizen involvement in shaping government policies.I can relate to most of what Paul writes – several of the institutions and some of the people referred in his article are known to me – I can only say that all these are correct impressions. Ofcourse like anywhere else there are different shades of colors that one could experience, but on balance, the city-state with a population of three million which has amassed a reserve in excess of hundred billion dollars is a real marvel – the beauty is it is trying to improve further.

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