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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

RFID Adoption Traction Set To Improve

RFID is set to be at at the core of business processes and therefore its adoption "was expected to change competitiveness substantially. This study says Wal-Mart customers are finding the items they wanted in stock more often due to the retailer's use of RFID technologies when compared to control stores. But for a while the global RFID scene has been little silent, but signals that things are changing are on the horizon says ABI research in its report, RFID Trends for 2006 . The report notes that the world looks to North America, EPCGlobal looks to the enterprise, and label converters look for position,
The latest release of ABI's "RFID Research Service" highlights three trends in a market already experiencing rapid growth.

- First, the RFID market is becoming increasingly global, but the United States remains a very important piece of real estate within it. A number of RFID tag and reader vendors based outside the United States working to establish footholds and strengthen their presences in North America. This is generally a good thing: "Increased competition, and the infusion of international perspectives, will have a beneficial effect on the markets."

- EPCglobal is, trying to play a role in determining reader/network interface standards. But this is traditionally the territory of technology giants such as Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, BEA Systems, Sun Microsystems and IBM.

-Finally, 2006 will be the year for label converters to jockey for position. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of companies that assemble labels and prepare them for mounting. They are urgently assessing their positioning and differentiation. With many arge market opportunities and niche opportunities, and how well these companies position themselves will have a great impact on their success.
And a related article titled"Crafting Success in Supply Chain Transformation," makes an interesting reading. With initiatives like this, this clearly the RFID buzz is on the rise.

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