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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Digital Rights Management Or Digital Restrictions Mongering

The title of the post says it all. Wired News has a story about the impact of DRM on the future of the digital entertainment industry. The article brings up some excellent points about the effects of DRM in bringing limitations on innovation within the industry.This year may be the year that gadget makers finally conquer the living room, replacing DVD players, VCRs and personal video recorders with all-in-one media devices that serve up HDTV, pre-recorded movies and digital music. If so, it will likely also be the year that people learn the meaning of DRM, an acronym the industry says stands for digital rights management, but critics say should stand for digital restrictions mongering. The key players in the CES market for whom DRM is highly relevant look at it more as a problem than a solution and hence come out with suboptimal means of enforcing DRM. Google, generally recognised for doing things right recently came out with its own DRM standards, adding to the complexity. While on this do not miss reading this.I agree with cory doctorow’s view that technology companies will eventually decide that entertainment companies' demand for DRM is hurting their bottom line & that’s when truly innovative gadgets will become available. Clearly doing less with more and more powerful gadgets will not go well with the masses.

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