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Friday, January 27, 2006

Blogs On Enterprise Technologies

Vinnie points out that while we use and enjoy Google, Yahoo and Apple products, most of us work with and professionally appear more interested in enterprise technologies and vendors. He says that he is almost on a crusade to see more blogs written on enterprise vendors and topics like telemetry, biometrics, BPO, SaaS - not just consumer technologies and web 2.0. He is spot on when he points out that the enterprise spend is over 10X the consumer spend, but the overall attention of media and blogs appears the inverse. I do write about personal/consumer technologies, partly because there are more regular developments and the pace of change is faster but enterprise technology is close to my heart and clearly it has much larger impact on the society as a whole. As Dennis Howlet points out we have to play the game – otherwise in the memeorandum model, enterprise blogs get subsumed. Whats the game like – when I mailed Gabe a few weeks back and asked for a clarification – promptly he wrote me back - Every night the process described here repeats:
http://blog.memeorandum.com/050922/whos-included and he recommended you link a lot and strive to get linked to make sure the blog surfaces in the tech filter
. Addressig my concern of recent posts not surfacing in tech memeorandum , he wrote that if you appeared regularly before but not now, it's probably because some posts of your got some attention earlier but not recently and suggesyed that I post some more things other people link to you're likely to show up again... I found the logic a little strange!! On a related note,it is also deplorable to see that for the American media/aggregators/filters–blogosphere included, the rest of the world does not matter – barring a few exceptions. Its time that a movement called enterprise blogs get noticed in the expanding blogosphere.

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