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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Apple : Clearly On The Rise

Looking at Steve Jobs Macworld address,it is evident that Apple is making big strides at making the Mac a powerful and simple media creation tool for ordinary commoners. The iLife suite encompasses a blog like iWeb, this would definitely become popular. Apple's iPod/iTunes numbers are mindboggling –
- 14m iPods sold last quarter
- 32 Million last year(2005) out of a total sale of 42 million iPods

Clearly Apple is hoping that the new iLife/iWeb would gain similar popularity and deliver numbers likewise. The new Intel-based Macs is creating a lot of Buzz. Apple is shipping two new Macs based on Intel processors. There's a new iMac and a new portable called the MacBook Pro.
The iMac G5 recently underwent a revision and had a good configuration and its performance was noteworthy in its class of system. The move to Intel certainly provides an added benefit in the form of multiple processor cores. Multitasking on the iMac will be better served. As far as the MacBook Pro goes the move towards intel makes it lot more attractive. When comparing it to the recent PowerBook G4, it's very compelling. Intel’s focus on the desktop market makes Apple a natural ally.Apple’e innovation edge has come into sharper focus now. Diehard Mac fans were certainly expecting a Mac with enhanced media functionality, like DVR. Apple is now putting all efforts in rolling out Intel based Mac quickly and perhaps not on substantial redesigns. What to make out for the consumer – a price competitive, reliable, trendy new line product – Is it a radical improvement – definitely not but a good improvement overall. But Apple would significantly enhance these in a quarter from now - after all Apple & Innovation are inseparable - heady days ahead.

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