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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Search : Next Level Monetizing Models

Bill Gates talked about new models for monetizing searach results. Gravee, a new meta search engine hopes to shareg ad revenue. with content owners and publishers for being included in its index.Gravee relies on the search results provided by popular search engines like Google,Yahoo and MSN and presumably the idea is that more publishers would be willing to provide Gravee with free access to their content, and this would drive users to Gravee because of its superior offerings. Siliconbeat further notes that with Gravee's AdShare program, when a user clicks an ad on Gravee, "up to 70%" of the ad revenue generated as a result is divided between the 10 sites included in the natural search results on the page (i.e. 70%/10 = 7% of ad revenue to each Web site on the page - for every ad that is clicked). Gravee also shares up to 35% of revenue with publishers who join Gravee's "affiliate program" and place Gravee's search box on their site.
Its blog notes,"Gravee is also about shifting the power from content “distributors” (read: search engines) to “authors” (read: content owners). In some sense, it’s philosophically not unlike the way eBay sought to empower individuals in its community. Pierre’s vision for eBay had alot to do with leveling the playing field and empowering the little guy (in the case of eBay, to trade and interact). Gravee aspires to do a bit of the same by equitably sharing the value created by search advertising (i.e. content distribution) — leveling the paying field, so to speak — and empowering the little guy in search (i.e. content owners appearing in natural search results)". Gravee notes that the blogosphere has been abuzz on how search engines and other web2.0 start ups are taking advantage of content creators and contributors without compensating them.

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