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Monday, December 05, 2005

MySpace Generation nee The Young But Net Addicts

Youth, Technology & Connected Cocoons are always an interesting phenomenon to watch.This is not surprising in this iPod generation & presence era,given that technology can only improve,the trend is irreversible. Teenagers use technology to stay in touch with friends at all times - turning their bedrooms into "connected cocoons". The MTV generation doesn't have fixed values, so they are more open to new technologies. Businessweek characterises the MySpace Generation as one that lives online, buys online & plays online. Their power is on an impressive growth trajectory.We are witnessing the world of Generation @. Being online - being a Buzzer, is a way of life for millions of young people and increasingly, social networks are their medium. Today's young people are increasingly establishing their social identity through the web - atleast in affluent nations. For savvy corporates like Coca Cola corporation , these networks also offer a direct pipeline to the thirsty but fickle youth market. Preeminent among these virtual hangouts is MySpace.com, whose membership has nearly quadrupled since January alone, to 40 million members. The article notes that youngsters log on so obsessively that MySpace ranked No. 15 on the entire U.S. Internet in terms of page hits in October, according to Nielsen//NetRatings. Facebook.com, which connects college students, and Xanga.com, an agglomeration of shared blogs, is another favourite online hangout place. A second tier of some 300 smaller sites, such as Buzz-Oven, Classface.com, and Photobucket.com, operate under - and often inside or next to - the larger ones. They're already creating new forms of social behavior that blur the distinctions between online and real-world interactions. In fact, today's young generation largely ignores the difference. Most adults see the Web as a supplement to their daily lives. The MySpace generation, by contrast, lives comfortably in both worlds at once. Fully 87% of 12- to 17-year-olds use the Internet, vs. two-thirds of adults, according to the Pew Internet & American Life Project. For a moment interpose the web on all possible daily activities – the possibilities are indeed infinite.Wi-Fi access to Nintendo gamers ia an important related development. This phenomenon is creating pressures for a variety of industries - The toy industry is responding to age compression,wherein kids are getting older younger – and is creating a revolution in the toy industry. Realizing that today's kids are sophisticated and tech-savvy,they are fighting fire with fire by building their own lines of "youth electronics." No doubt as we covered earlier, mobility has created revolutionalry sort of changes While there is clearly a hype element involved here- the sheer power of youth embracing the net to convert it as a web of social media is certain to create a new intersection –powerful enough to unleash huge tranches of energy, creativity, opportunity and progress.

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