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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Mobiles , Growth& Enterprise Adoption

As I begin to upload this post from Seoul, I am not able to overlook the vast advances the mobile phenomenon is making. A very top executive in Seoul told me about the existence of mobile technology powered marketplace for drivers to bid to take drunken citizens back home.Essentially these drivers bid in an auction based on a request triggered through the mobile for driving drunken citizen's vehicle back home. Russ claimed that 2005 shall be the year of mobiles. As we noted in the age of mobility, tools such as e-mail and instant messaging have been around since the dawn of the internet era, but it has taken a wireless communications revolution to turn them into a constant and inescapable fact of life for a growing part of the population. WiFi networks - assure the digitally addicted of a permanent and ubiquitous connection to the wider world. A new study on enterprises adopting wireless sows enterprise spending is set to rise from $50 billion in 2005, as operators, handset manufacturers, enterprises and other companies begin to adopt more coherent strategies. Enterprises of varying size and location are embracing wireless services in multiple ways and spending is set to increase to more than $130 billion in 2008 for enterprise wireless hardware, software and services. Most enterprises remain organised around separate IT and telecoms functions. The enterprise market remains one of huge untapped revenue potential for mobile operators as they struggle with saturated penetration rates and slow consumer uptake of mobile data services. As wireless service providers look beyond consumer and voice services towards more lucrative enterprise and extended data services, however, there are infrastructure, application, security, and operational issues that must also be addressed. In addition, standards are still emerging, continuous mobile connectivity remains a mystery, and enterprises require greater capability, reliability and availability to truly embrace mobility.
No wonder several CIO’s today list blackberry deployment as one of the new key initiatives that they are pursuing. As we wrote earlier, rate at which the features are expanding in the mobile phone is really phenomenal - I would think that the mobile revolution should be rated next only to the internet revolution. Apart from ubiquity of usage, increasing features, the future potential of the mobile technology makes it all the more attractive technology to watch in the future.

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