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Friday, December 30, 2005

The Fortune 500 Blogging Index

Chris Anderson writes about a wiki created collaboratively developed together by between Socialtext & Wired magazine that tracks which of the Fortune 500 is blogging. The list finds that only 3% of the F500 are doing so. Microsoft blogs, and Apple doesn't. Sun blogs and Intel doesn't. GM blogs and Toyota doesn't. In a meeting with Doc.Searls the question arose and Chris writes in the eyes of Doc - the risks and uncertainties of public business blogging are so great that big companies only do it under duress, when their traditional corporate messaging has lost traction. So companies on the way up don't want to mess with their success by introducing a new lens on the enterprise that isn't controlled by the PR department. But companies on the way down are willing to try anything to regain the confidence of their customers.This site has a list of F500 companies with blogs – both internal and external are listed here. The NewPRwiki also has a list of CEO blogs. This spreadsheet lists the Fortune 500 blogs & he finds that the average trailing 12-month share performance of the blogging members was +5.7%, while the non-blogging members was +19%. A commendable effort in compiling the list. This Fortune 500 Business Blogging Wikiis created to expand the list. Somehow I could not find in the excel sheet - noteworthy IBM blogs from the likes of Irving Wladawsky-Berger, Amy Wohl, Grady Booch and countless others from the IBM stable.what may be seen as extending things too far, Chris says the idea is to make the list robust enough to create a business blogging index!!!

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