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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

FeedFlare : Breaking The Island Mentality

Dick Costello writes about the new advances in feedburner. This feed service is indeed improving over a period of time and is indeed innovating a lot faster than others. We earlier covered the perspective on how feeds will change the way content is distributed, valued, and consumed. The importance of the feed item and the ability to leverage the structure of the feed to build a bridge between web services and the content item is in general well known. FeedFlare shall enable publishers to configure a very slim "footer" containing customizable actions that will appear beneath each item in a feed. FeedFlare is initially launching today with seven simple options, including:
• most popular tags for this item via del.icio.us
• tag this item at del.icio.us
• Technorati cosmos: number of links to this post etc.
Shortly publishers shall have the ability to ensure that a consistent set of actions and meta-data are displayed alongside the content wherever it is consumed. FeedFlare will provide publishers with an architecture for generalized content item processing - a CMS-independent plug-in framework for web services. A little later there is a plan to launch an open API for adding new FeedFlare services. Also note a very credible acheivement - with With 100,000+ publishersrepresenting more than 6 million aggregate subscribers already hooked to feedburner, it's pretty clear that media consumption habits are evolving in a meaningful way. It's now easier than ever for people to publish content online, be it text, audio or video, and attract an audience of loyal subscribers When the history of blogging/related social phenomenon is written - surely the role played by Feedburner in advancing the ecosystem would be highly remembered.

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