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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Alaska Airlines #536 - Anxious Moments

Jeremy Hermanns, a passenger in the Alaska airlines flight bound for Burbank, and a GA-VFR pilot, writes about the Alaska Airlines cabin depressurization and panic at 30000 feet. Seattlepi reports that an aviation expert finds that the jet was probably struck by a baggage cart while at Sea-Tac and the incident was not reported before the plane took off for Burbank. The damaged area of the plane would have been weakened by the ramp incident and the aluminum skin then likely ruptured once the jet neared its cruising altitude. All this happened due to a non-unionised member probably damaging the fuselage!. Oh God.. Now I realize how valuable the words - "travel safely" and "happy landing" means. I did not see any press release in Alaska airlines website on this incident. Look at the saftey numbers and also this impressive document on safety fromBoeing.Also good to know that no one was injured in this - aviation safety, is in many ways an important driver for global economic engine to keep humming - the more and more that we can make it safe - all the more better.

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