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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Writley To Word Would Be Like Hotmail To Outlook

The innovation that is happening in the personal computing space is amazing. Brian Livingston points to the fact that the days when Web browsers made you wait just to update the screen are ending. Today a Web page can be just as responsive as any program you run on your PC. The biggest upheaval AJAX will cause will be new powers in word processing, especially for documents that different people must write, edit, and approve. Microsoft Word has long enabled co-workers to insert comments into draft documents. And collaborative environments such as Microsoft's SharePoint Services are making possible "shared workspaces" so multiple individuals can simultaneously edit documents safely. None of these methods, however, are as simple to set up as a standard Web browser, which can quickly access a file from anywhere in the world. That's the promise that AJAX brings to the party. InetWord is a Web-based way to efficiently edit HTML files and office documents. One of InetWord's most serious competitors is another AJAX tool named Writely. In its current beta stage, Writely allows anyone to register for a free account and start uploading files. The document's creator can give editing privileges to any number of other people. The service is optimized for editing HTML files, but you can also upload Microsoft Word and OpenOffice files, which are converted on the fly into HTML format.Best of all, editing by multiple individuals is supported by Writely in real-time. There's no risk that edits made by one person can wipe out the changes made by another. InetWord focuses on sharing document with yourself and by hosting a file, allowing the user to edit from multiple locations, while Writely is more focused on dynamic collaboration. Writley shall be word what hotmail was to outlook. If you work with other people to create, edit, and approve documents, Web-based applications like Writely now offer an alternative to in-house content-management systems. Look at the comparison post on online word processors.

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