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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Search 3.0 – Offline & Media Independent Search

We have covered in this blog,specialised searches, the recent search advances and the evolution of vertical-horizontal searches. I have consistently questioned the very high marketcap of Google and its sustainability. Cory Treffiletti writes, Search will continue to expand and become a ubiquitous tool offline in the same manner it already is online. He points out that it saves time and energy, and that's why investors are still jumping at the category and why analysts still predict ridiculous growth of the companies that are working in search. From a point-to-point navigation tool currently, where search is going will become even more important as it helps the consumer navigate content from every other device and through all other types of content. Search has already extended out of the computer and onto the mobiles with SMS search and in future,
- Search will be built into mobiles as true service, integrated into the operating system of the phone itself and allowing you to access contact information, phone numbers and special dates on your calendar.
- Search will be built into the car, specifically local search that will cross-reference global positioning system to determine where you are and what types of restaurants, stores and other destinations are in your immediate vicinity.
- Search will be built into house, allowing one to locate your house keys, by reading the product tag built into them.
Search will most certainly be built into the television, allowing one to navigate the content from media center/ digital video recorder etc besides others.
He concludes that Whatever online download service you use, search will be very important in that product, too. Pretty powerful argument indeed.

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