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Friday, November 04, 2005

The Guide To Trendmasters

In my recent travel read this book. Robyn Waters, former vice president of Trend, Design, and Product Development at Target – sees it as a myth that trends can only be spotted early by überhip Bohemian types who are ever so much cooler than everyone else. The Trendmaster’s Guide features her favorite tips and examples for understanding and anticipating trends. Every letter from A to Z offers an insight to help readers navigate the unknown and prepare for whatever their costomers want next. It’s a quick read that packs a lot of insight between "A is for antennae" and "Z is for Zen." A "trend tracker" is someone who is alert for indications that help his or her business to stay up to the minute whereas what she calls a "Trendmaster" uses that information to determine where that minute is going. You have to just watch the travel and airlines industry to watch trends and how rapid changes an happen.
One reader wrote,” The fact remains, however, that her insights will seem "new" to those readers who were previously unaware of "the invisibility of the obvious" and may have been captive to what Jim O'Toole calls "the ideology of comfort and the tyranny of custom." As a result, they have failed to recognize seemingly insignificant indications of emerging trends which (sooner rather than later) determine success or failure in any competitive marketplace.”

However trends identified by the likes of Nasbitt are of a different league – For example a quick recap of the trends identified by him:
(1) Becoming an information society after having been an industrial one
(2) From technology being forced into use, to technology being pulled into use where it is appealing to people
(3) From a predominantly national economy to one in the global marketplace
(4) From short term to long term perspectives (?? I am thinking increasingly the opposite seems to be getting prevalent across the board)
(5) From centralization to decentralization
(6) From getting help through institutions like government to self-help
(7) From representative to participative democracy
(8) From hierarchies to networking
(9) From seeing things as "either/or" to having more choices etc..In life everyone has to see patterns, take decisions and realign - trendwatching shall become more and more important in the days to come

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