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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Amazing Sense Of Scales

I digged this – A visual sense of various scales as published here.

- 1.616x10-35 m 1.616x10-35 m - the planck length,(the smallest measurement of length that has meaning)

- 1x10-15 m 1x10-15 m - one fermi

- 12,756.2 km 1.27562x107 m - diameter of Earth at its equator

- 26,000,000 kly 2.4x1026 m - distance to farthest known object (quasar SDSS_1044_0125).

There are several more listed herein. Sometimes these data can give us so much to reflect upon - the amazing variety that we encounter in somthing as direct as scale. Notice here - most of the bewidering scales that are talked here are right in the realms of nature - clearly nature has no match.

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