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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Accenture & Indian Headquartered IT firms

To me this article looks like a good PR exercise and nothing other than that.There is no qualitative comparison based on data or on a fair and balanced assessment of models – So am not writing anything beyond stating that it is not so easy to just ramp up(impressive indeed -going by published numbers) and claim success when everyone in the industry is doing it– as success and domination are a factor of multiple forces those that come into interplay.
(Note : All posts in this blog are strictly my private views, not related to where I work.) I just want to point out two things:

- Mindset change needs to happen across the board in any large/global organization to compete on the basis of different models
- Based on publicly available information - almost all the Indian HQ software service majors are announcing better than expected results, guidances are getting revised upwards and that stronger players amongst them shall get more and more strong.
A few of related ideas that I had blogged about ( there are a lot more) are available here, here, here.
One way to look at the success and significance of US headquartered firms on the offshoring strength would come out by asking the question - where is their Tier 1 management sitting and executing. Closer to customer or in an impressive building near the freeway are all fine but if advantage is centred on global delivery it is time the issues are examined from that perspective as well. I would be keen to see global majors customers coming and demonstrating in public forums the accretive advantage their firms have enjoyed by leveraging global delivery models and how smooth and easy the experience was.

Seeing from other perspectives, we are not going to see same type of game repeated again and again. Overall while assessing the market, clearly there is a larger trend that is discernable - The name of the game is changing – We will soon change to the improvements in clients businesses that can be enabled by IT service providers. IT firms have to now turn themselves into partners, helping their customers shape their business future, not merely their technology future. This means IT firms have to now acquire the capability to design potential business scenarios that incorporate and examine various technology alternatives, simulate them, and test them for attractiveness. Future competitive advantage will, in large measure, be defined by mastery over business Solutions.

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