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Thursday, October 27, 2005

WSJ 2005 Innovation Awards

The Wall Street Journal's 2005 Technology Innovation Awards have been announced. Besides the Gold, Silver, Bronze awards and winners in 12 different categories and 20 runnerups were announced. Amongst the notable winners in the tech sector:
Wireless - Freescale Semiconductor won for its efforts to bring to market the first consumer products using "ultrawideband" wireless technology, which promises to deliver audio, video and data at higher speeds, using less power than other wireless technologies. Freescale has demonstrated its chips in a prototype cellphone from Motorola which spun off Freescale in 2004. Chinese appliance maker Haier announced that it would use Freescale chips in a planned 37-inch LCD television that can receive signals wirelessly from a digital-media computer.
Software - Agitar Software won here for its Agitator tool, which helps software developers find and fix bugs when writing new programs. Software writers typically have to scour for buggy code by poring over thousands of lines of code - often after flaws show up while users are running the program. Agitator automatically puts software through a battery of stress tests; it also can examine partial programs by simulating the whole software system.The judges recognized Agitar as it brings is an important advance in making error-free code writing more productive
Network/Broadband/Internet - Riverbed Technology won for its Steelhead network appliances, which speed the transfer of data and use of applications between remote offices and central servers. As many corporate computer users know, when emails, documents or spreadsheets are stored on a distant central computer, the wait to call up or change files can sometimes seem endless. Riverbed's appliance reduces these delays by storing redundant commands and data on local servers, slashing the amount of traffic that goes back and forth over the network and increasing overall network speed
Congrats to all – those nominated included. Let lot more innovation and entrepreneurship happen – bringing with it advances & prosperity

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